Acosta Sheet Metal Manufacturing – “Yes We Can!”


The story of Acosta Sheet Metal Manufacturing is, in many ways, the story of sheet metal manufacturing in San Jose. Like many manufacturers, Sal Acosta started Acosta Sheet Metal Manufacturing out of his garage off of Branham Lane in February 1972. His mission, which has become engrained in the company’s culture, is simple: make the highest quality products, and deliver them with the highest level of customer service.



When asked why it’s important for Acosta to grow and stay in San Jose, Sal’s Granddaughter, Michelle, Director of Marketing, said, “Acosta Mfg. is rooted in San Jose. Since the day Sal opened the garage door of his home on Foxworthy Ave. in February 1972—the first day of business for “Acosta Sheet Metal Mfg.”—San Jose has been our home. San Jose is home to the community we love, the city that 3 generations of our family has grown in, and the city that has supported our company’s journey.  San Jose and the Bay Area also happened to become an incredibly thriving place in the world, which is yet another very influential factor that inspires us to stay and grow here.”

From its humble beginnings, Acosta has grown from Sal’s garage to it’s current location on Remillard Court. This 120,000 square foot facility is a perfect combination of CNC and manual machines, manufacturing everything from alumaspiral pipe to gutters and roof jacks. Their customer base is unique, ranging from large, multimillion-dollar companies, like ACCO Engineered Systems and United Mechanical, to small roofing and HVAC contractors, like Metro Mechanical and Performance Air Service, Inc.. Their impressive shop also specializes in custom orders. With their commitment to service and quality, it’s no wonder their motto is “Yes we can!”.