Bentek- Making a Difference in San Jose

Bentek was founded in San Jose in 1985. They began by providing comprehensive design, manufacturing, and logistics services for the semiconductor industry. In 2009, Bentek expanded its business offerings as they launched their Solar Products Division. Recently, Bentek has further expanded into robotics, medical technology, and industrial automation. Bentek has proven that it can succeed and grow with companies that share the same passion for innovation, excellence and the drive to lead in their respective markets. Their Mission is to provide high quality and responsive engineering design, material sourcing, turnkey manufacturing and New Product Introduction (NPI) support to innovative and market leading, high-growth companies.

Over the last few years, Bentek began hosting interns through Mayor Liccardo’s San Jose Works program. Bentek has even rehired interns for the following summer to work in their facility. Manufacture : San Jose aims to help create new pathways for students to future employment, internships, and entrepreneurship opportunities in the manufacturing sector. MFG:SJ began our 2019 Pilot Youthmade Summer Internship program, in partnership with SVO, to recruit companies to host interns through the San Jose Works program. Through our recruitment, we had the pleasure to discover Bentek has already signed up to host for the summer of 2019 with the San Jose Works program.

We recently spoke with Mitch Schoch, CEO of Bentek, to learn more about the company. Here we share their continued participation with the San Jose Works program and why it has been important to Bentek.

Tell us about your background and the history of Bentek.

I have been with Bentek for 11 years as CEO.  I served for one year prior on the board of directors when Bentek was acquired by its current owners. Bentek has been in existence for over 30 years serving bay area companies.

 Why is it important to you to stay and grow in San Jose?  

San Jose is a key area for product development and design.  Bentek serves these needs for companies requiring electromechanical design and production.  There is a large potential workforce of very skilled and dedicated personnel that live nearby our Senter road facility

What motivated your company to host interns through the San Jose Works program? 

We have a seasonal need for workers in the summer and we are very committed to being a good corporate citizen and an active member of our community.  Our needs and goals fit very well with the intern program and it have worked successfully for us for 3 years now.

What should we look forward to from Bentek this year?  

Continued growth and need for interns in a range of skills and interests

How would you describe your company’s core values?

Building great products from great designs with high levels of quality and service

How many people do you currently employ and how many additional jobs to you expect to create in the next year?

About 125 people currently with growth of up to 20% over the next year.

Have you hired through the MFG:SJ job board?

Not yet, but we hope too. It is a terrific example of the benefits of MFG:SJ helping to link company needs with available resources. 

What new skills are employees learning on the job, and how are they taught new skills (workshops, mentoring programs, etc)

Moving to lean line manufacturing on our assembly lines and we are constantly cross training employees to adapt to changing customer needs and demands.

For more information on Bentek, visit their website: