Green Circuits-Innovation in the heart of Silicon Valley

Green Circuits was founded in 2006 to provide OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in the electronics arena with a manufacturing solution to meet the challenges of legislation prohibiting the use of lead-based solder in electronic device manufacturing. They provide Electronic Manufacturing Services from design services to circuit board level solutions to complete system integration, product configuration, and order fulfillment to the world’s leading OEMs. We recently spoke to Joe O’Neil, Green Circuits’ CEO, about his company culture and why he manufactures in San Jose.

Why is it important to grow and stay in San Jose?

A large part of the secret sauce to the Green Circuits model is its location in the heart of Silicon Valley. The entire electronics ecosystem is located in the San Jose area. This ecosystem gives us the opportunity to collaborate and coordinate flexible and rapid response supply chain solutions with the best suppliers in the industry. Being a part of this supply chain ecosystem provides us with the opportunity to participate in technical reviews for next generation development as new packages are released.

Customers from around the world come to Green Circuits because of our technical expertise and ability to apply that expertise with velocity. In addition to the world’s leading technical OEMs pushing us, being in the Valley provides the opportunity to draw upon the benefits of the supplier/partner support required, and we can easily gather teams of professionals with vast ranges of expertise into the same room to address issues quickly.

What should we look forward to from Green Circuits this year?

Green Circuit’s business success tends to fall into three areas; people, processes and equipment. Always looking forward to support customer needs! We are increasing the training and development opportunities for employees and continue to refine processes in an effort to reach higher levels of process maturity.  As geometries continue to shrink, investments in advanced surface mount technology to address 008004 passive component placements, analog digital and RF test environments and associated infrastructure are critical to maintain our growth momentum.

Who are your main customers?

In addition to continuing to support leading defense, medical and high-tech industrial OEMs, there is rapid growth in new industries and applications, such as autonomous vehicles and IOT which are spawning a new set of OEMs. 

How many people do you currently employ and how many additional jobs to you expect to create in the next year?

Currently, the company employs just over 200 employees. We expect a growth rate of 25% this year and with enhanced operational efficiencies, we will need to hire about 10 people. 

How has MFG:SJ been the most valuable to the growth of your business?

Networking. The ability to come together with other leaders in San Jose and discuss everything from local to global developments is valuable for all businesses within the region. San Jose is a terrific community, and we have a vested interest in each other’s success.

How would you describe your company’s core values?

Commitment to customer success is our number one focus. This is achieved through mutual cooperation and respect with customers, employees and suppliers, delivering the highest quality, most innovative services and maintaining industry leadership by anticipating future trends and implementing state-of-the-art technologies. In support of these values, we employ an open-door management style that links quality, customer satisfaction and company performance. 

Have you hired through the MFG:SJ job board?

Not yet, however, we are taking advantage of the listing resource. It is a terrific example of the benefits of MFG:SJ helping to link company needs with available resources. 

What new skills are employees learning on the job, and how are they taught new skills? (workshops, mentoring programs, etc.)

The Electronics Industry has a terrific resource in its Trade Association, IPC. We utilize IPC workmanship standards in nearly every phase of the supply chain in addition to training and certification at all levels of the organization, from Operators to Program Managers. Managers in particular can get a Certified Electronics Program Management (CEPM) certification via IPC.

What steps are you taking to ensure you’re retaining your employees?

As mentioned earlier, the company has an open-door management policy. This creates an environment where the entire company is pulling in the same direction to achieve clearly defined objectives that enhance job satisfaction. In addition, we continue to invest in training and development resources for all employees. From employee commitment comes customer satisfaction which leads to growth, with translates to profit sharing for all employees through our bonus plan. This communication-focused management approach has resulted in record low employee turnover levels.

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