Hermitage Brewing Co. – Growing a community, one beer at a time.


In 2009, Hermitage Brewing was born out of the former Tied House location in San Pedro Square. The mission of its founders and Brewmaster Peter Licht is to create beers that they want to drink and create a market from those who shared a similar palate, and in doing so, create a brand that signified ‘a retreat from the ordinary’.


“What’s fresh and local?”


“As a brewmaster, people often ask me what beer I like to drink. My go-to answer is “What’s fresh and local?” We have been brewing and serving fresh local beer in San Jose for 27 years and with luck, we’ll be here for at least another 27 years giving the people of San Jose, fresh and local beer!”- Peter Licht, Brewmaster, Hermitage Brewing Co.



On a typical visit to Hermitage’s tap room, you can find an eclectic range of customers, from families gathering together near the Food Truck outside for a meal and a brew, or friends gathering together for the night, both sampling a number of Hermitage selections, from their Single Hop IPA’s to their American Sour Series. You can also find gems like “Throw me the Idol”, a collaboration with Hermitage and Strike Brewing, a local brewer on S. 10th Street in San Jose. It’s collaborative efforts like this that help the craft breweries in San Jose learn from each other and grow together.